A unique stay experience
A unique stay experience

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Am. Sunrise @ Angkor Wat, breakfast supplied by hotel (in Angkor Park), Ta Prohm.

Return to hotel for lunch. Pm. The Bayon DESCRIPTION

A cool pre-dawn Remork ride will take us into the Angkor Park in time to catch the sun’s first rays rise over the towers of the world’s largest religious monument Angkor Wat.

We’ll find a shady spot for breakfast where your local guide will recount stories of the temples taking you back to life as it was during the Angkor era.

We continue to the stunning temple of Ta Prohm overrun with tree roots. Your guide will lead you through the ruins and help you capture some of those iconic photographic moments of temple and tree locked in silent battle.

We return to the hotel for lunch and pool time before heading out in the afternoon to the ancient city of Angkor Thom where your guide

will take you though back gates and onto the ancient city walls for a stroll through the forest that now surrounds these monuments.

The Bayon was the capitol for the greatest Angkorian King of all Jayavarman VII and his likeness looks down on you from the towers that top the temple. Most fascinating of all are the reliefs carved on the outer walls which tell of the battles both victories and defeats of his Empire and shed light on the daily lives of his people.

Am. Maichrey oxcart ride, countryside Khmer village discovery, lunch at a village house. Pm. Cooking Class

A couple of kilometers in any direction and the bus loads of tourists and mayhem of the Siem Reap traffic become a distant
memory as you reach the outskirts of the
town and start to see life as most

Cambodians live it. This is where we’ll leave our car and head off by oxcart along small paths leading through rural Cambodia, where Khmers grow their living much as they always have.

The countryside is initially diverse as we
amble through open fields with views
stretching to the distant Phnom Kulen Hills.
Later we follow narrow tracks and explore the village, stilted wooden Khmer houses and their bare earthen yards with tethered cattle surrounded by fruit trees. This is where we meet the family and have lunch.

At 3.00pm you will be hosted by our Chef to an enormous local market located at the east of Siem Reap. The market tour takes an hour and returns to the hotel and
Price Including Based on
experiences a traditional cooking class.

Learn a little of the herbs used to create the authentic Khmer flavours, prepare a cocktail with a Khmer twist, and then cook up a storm all the with help of a knowledgeable chef.

Your experience includes three courses and a choice of drink.

: USD170++ per person
; Car, guide, oxcart, tiffin picnic lunch and refreshments : 02 people